Training Workshops

Strategic Improvement:

  • The Intro to Strategic Improvement course is designed to introduce Lean Six Sigma and how it is used to strategically improve Quality, Service, Affordability, Academics and Research. In this course you will learn the foundational tools to effective problem solving. 

Lean Six Sigma Root Cause Analysis A3 Action Planning:

  • This course is designed to go into depth about the logical and scientific thinking process for problem solving that follows the Plan, Do, Check Act (PDCA) or (PDSA) cycle. Using A3 methodology which frames any problem, as a story, within a business context requiring a collaborative team-based approach. Through a team-based activity you will learn hands on how to perform root cause analysis guided by methodical problem solving. 

5S (Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize & Sustain):

  • The 5S course will teach learners the philosophy of 5S focusing and thinking how to better organize and manage work space, specifically by eliminating the 8 Wastes for efficiency and effectiveness. It is a simple, common-sense methodology that is highly effective and reliable as a stabilizing force in Lean strategies.

Meeting Facilitation:   

  • This training will assist your organizations leaders by teaching the proper way to lead teams to achieve positive, constructive outcomes, execute a systematic meeting process to facilitate any project team, gain understanding of team dynamics and become skilled in meeting management.

Lean Six Sigma Standard Work (Pig SIM): 

  • Standard work creates consistency and stability and ensures that all individuals are completing the tasks in the most efficient and consistent way possible. The hands on Standard Work course is designed to teach this very important tool that describes the current best-known way to conduct a process. 

Value Stream Mapping: 

  • This course will teach the lean enterprise tool that documents in high detail every step of a process. Value stream mapping is largely seen as a fundamental tool to identify waste, reduce process cycle times, and implement process improvement. The combination of True North strategy planning, Value Stream Mapping and A3 Methodology are the hallmarks to successful lean efforts.

5Y / WHY WHY and Ishikawa Diagram:

  • 5 Whys strategy is a simple, effective tool for the use of uncovering the true root causes of problems. This course will teach you to use it when troubleshooting, brainstorming, problem solving and continuous improvement initiatives, to eliminate true root causes of problems with effective counter measures.


  • The Kaizen training will teach the methods of immediate focused team-based activity that results in an improved work area or process. Kaizen events have specific objectives to improve yield, reduce cycle time, reduce waste or wait time and follows the PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT (PDCA) Cycle.

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Using Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools, we focus on enabling organizational effectiveness across many industries including Transportation, Healthcare, and Education. We partner with your organizations units to develop organizational improvement strategies and solutions.  

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